(Grab Their Software And So Could You…)
If you’ve ever lost money to the bookies and have been searching for something that finally stacks the odds in YOUR FAVOUR, then you must read every single word on this page.

Because, I’m not exaggerating when I say that your future depends on it…

But first let me get one thing straight…

We are NOT “betting gurus”

We are NOT “professional tipsters”

We are NOT ‘random people that just got lucky”

There’s a well known phrase “you make your own luck”.

And whilst there may well be an element of truth in that let me tell you that when it comes to winning and losing on the horses, luck simply does not play a part.

Nope… there is a reason that the bookies end up in profit EVERY SINGLE DAY…

The Key To Betting Success Lies Purely In Statistics

Just think about it for a second…

The bookies have access to stacks of data. Results, course info, horse info… it’s all there.

Which means that the average every day punter who bets without access to all that data stands next to no chance of making any kind of money on the horses at all.

In fact, without those stats, you will almost certainly LOSE and LOSE BIG in the long run

But my pals and I have been able to BEAT THE BOOKIES at their own game. In fact in the last 12 months I’ve amassed £157,428.18, starting with a balance of just £20 in my betting account.

And this is just my account.
Here’s Martin’s
And here’s Simon's
How Did We Do This?

Well… without wanting to make ourselves sound too uncool… by being some of the biggest computer geeks in the country

And by wanting to live a life of freedom rather than be confined to the 9-to-5 lifestyle that was expected of us.
Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Jamie Dann.

And together with my friends Martin and Simon I am the creator of an A.I robot which has allowed us to take the bookies for 6 figures each for every single one of the last 5 years.
I first met Martin and Simon back in 2014 where we all studied I.T at one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

Now I won’t lie to you, we all LOVED it. We were the kind of nerds that you see in the movies. Whilst everybody else was out partying we were locked in our rooms writing lines of code. 

We were inseparable. Three computer geeks who simply loved programming and coding.

The problem was… we knew what would be expected of us all next. As soon as we graduated we’d be separated and expected to become coders and programmers working for OTHER PEOPLE, working the hours that OTHER PEOPLE wanted us to work. Well paid jobs no doubt, but ones that sap the very will to live out of many a soul for countless decades.
We didn’t want that to be us.

In fact by the end of 1st year at uni we’d already started planning how we could get out of the 40 year stretch which awaited us once we'd graduated. I won’t lie… we are all smart… and between us we knew that our technological expertise would surely allow us to find a way to avoid that rat race.
We looked at various things… but the thing that came up time and time again in our conversations was betting.

Here was a multi-billion dollar industry which was based almost solely on statistics. And whilst the bookies used ALL of those statistics and ALL of that data to their advantage on a daily basis, the average punter did not.

It seemed quite obvious to us that if we could devise a method for extracting all of the necessary data - horse results, course types etc etc - then with our tecnological expertise we would be able to create an algorithm powered by cutting edge Artificial Intelligence that was every bit as good as the one that the bookies were using… something that would almost guarantee us HUGE returns on a daily basis
So between us we went to work gathering as much information about the entire betting industry as possible. We absorbed information on horse after horse, course after course, result after result.

Between us we spent months of our university life collating all this data. And believe me when I say there is SO MUCH to take in.

Once all the data was collated we started work on our algorithm… analyzing thoroughly every single bit of information that we had at our disposal.

I won’t pretend that the process was particularly exciting, but we knew that if we could distinguish certain trends and pick out certain variables… that when it came to creating an algorithm and automating the entire process we’d be on to something extremely powerful.

Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway

Our entire strategy, the result of thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears, was to be based ONLY on data and technology. To beat the bookies, nothing else is necessary or indeed at all useful.

So we devised an algorithm using the most up to date and cutting edge Artificial Intelligence available. 

Let me tell you about what happened when we first put AI Betting Robot to the test... 

On day one, we decided to bet just £20 spread across the 4 different races from which the robot had picked clear winners.

And what a start we made…

By the end of the day every single one of the horses that the robot had picked won!

We had turned our initial £20 into over £194 within just a few hours!

The very next day the software found us 5 winners

we increased the stakes to £40 and ended up with over £724 in our account!

As the week went on the robot continued to find us winner after winner with shocking accuracy. Sure there were a few losers in there too… we can’t claim to be perfect… but we were seeing hundreds of pounds in profit hit our account every single day.

By The End Of Our First Month Using The A.I Betting Robot We’d Made Over £13,386.12 in Tax-Free Betting Profits!

From there life changed pretty quickly. We all diligently finished our degrees… we owed that much to our parents. But there would be no boring careers in I.T or computers…

In fact since we started using the A.I Betting Robot around 5 years ago… we’ve all made over £750,000 in tax-free betting profits!
Since then we’ve all sat back, relaxed and enjoyed life.

Fast Cars
Fancy Holidays
A Life of Total Freedom

Computer nerds no longer!

And this is ALL thanks to the power of the A.I Betting Robot.

We’ve also been able to help loads of our family and friends make an absolute fortune too!

So let me ask you a question…

What would you do if you had an extra £157,428.18 in your bank account right now?

I mean the possibilities are endless

Pay off the mortgage
Jet off to the Maldives
Quit the rat race and enjoy a life of total freedom.
Buy that dream car
Treat friends and family

Absolutely anything is possible with the right tool at your disposal.

I’ve seen the fake tipsters and fake betting gurus all over the internet. And let me tell you that NONE of them are in any way qualified to tell you what bets to make.

The ONLY way to WIN BIG on the horses is to follow the data.

And with the A.I Betting Robot at your disposal you can do precisely that.

It really is extremely simple.

You simply insert your preferred email address into the software and it will then automatically send you the days winners at the same time each morning.

But I have to warn you - if you want in on this then you HAVE TO BE QUICK!

With the cost of living crisis hitting everybody hard we decided that we wanted to help as many every day people as we possibly can beat the bookies and make some serious cash.

But the reality is that we can’t help everybody. We need this to remain firmly underground. If the bookies were to hear about it then there are no end of dirty tricks that they could pull.

And that’s why we’re limiting this to just 100 new members.

Once the first 100 spots are filled, that’s it. There will be no more opportunities to get in on this ever.

We’d dearly love to help everybody but it simply isn’t possible.
The A.I Betting Robot has made us all very wealthy men and we're extremely excited to be able to share it with others.
But you must act NOW if you want to get in on this.
No recurring payments. Satisfaction guarantee.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

And to put your mind totally at ease and to give you the confidence to become one of the lucky few new members...

Let Us Offer You a Full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

We are backing this A.I Betting Robot service with a full 60 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. If at any time in the first 60 days of your membership you wish, for whatever reason, to get your money back, then just send me an email and I will refund you right away.

It is VITAL to us that you are happy with this service therefore I am more than happy to offer you this cast-iron guarantee.

Which means that you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Ok! So How Much Is This Going To Cost?

Well, not nearly as much as you think.

This software has made me over £157,000 in the last 12 months alone so it would not be unreasonable to charge hundreds if not thousands for access to it.

But fear not because that isn't what we'll be charging. We're doing this simply because we want others to have a better life. We're not in this for the money.

We want to make this affordable for everybody, which is why we've decided to set the price at the ridiculously low one-time payment of just £29.99.

There are no recurring fees here. This one-time payment gives you lifetime access. Remember the software automatically sends the tips to your email. So you don't need to do a thing.

But this offer will not be around for long so GET IN NOW...
Become A Lifetime Member TODAY...

Instant Access For A One-Time Fee Of £29.99
No recurring payments. Satisfaction guarantee.

This is the best decision you will ever make…

But if you don’t act fast, you lose the chance to finally beat the bookies and make an absolute fortune on the horses...

You lose the chance to change your life…

Don't make that mistake.

Sign up now!

And I'll see you on the inside,

Jamie Dann

P.S. If you have any questions at all please do email and I will personally get back to you that very day. Whatever the issue, do not hesitate to get in touch.

P.P.S. This is the only chance you’ll get to massively improve your life. Take it now. Because there’s no guarantee how long this page will be up with only 100 copies available. Remember: there is no risk here. You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.


Is this a subscription service?
NO! There are no recurring charges here at all. This is a one-time payment. The small £29.99 payments that you make will be the only charge you ever receive.

Do I need a large starting capital?
Absolutely not. We started with £20. We’d advise you to do the same.

Can I place bets with my usual bookies?
Yes absolutely.

Which countries does this work in?
This works in UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Can I get a refund?
Yes! In the extremely unlikely event that you are not happy with this incredible service then you have a 60 day money back guarantee!
Become A Lifetime Member TODAY...

Instant Access For A One-Time Fee Of £29.99
No recurring payments. Satisfaction guarantee.

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